What is ESD?

ESD Protection Zone Sign

You know that feeling when you touch someone or a metal railing and get a little jolt? That’s called ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) and it’s caused by the static on our bodies. It might seem funny in everyday situations, but it can actually be a big problem when it comes to working with electronics. Do you … Read more

Sustainability at Devtank

At Devtank, our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we take proactive steps to make it a reality. Our fully open-source business model empowers our customers to repair our products on their own, resulting in a longer lifespan for our products than those of our competitors. This approach has an undeniable positive impact on the … Read more

Partner of Project INSPIRE

October 18th, 2022 Devtank are proud to be one of the four partners within project INSPIRE, a £2.4 million world leading semiconductor plant project led by PragmatIC. The aim of this project is to develop and deploy new digital technologies within PragmatIC’s FlexLogIC semiconductor fabrication facilities. This will drive improved resource efficiency and reduce the … Read more

V2X – Indra wins government funding

Devtank are pleased to see this news from Indra this week and look forward to our continued work on V2X test solutions. What does this mean for Indra and V2X? Indra has been awarded funding as a leader in bidirectional charging technology, with two projects being selected – Next Generation V2X Power Module and INFLEXION … Read more

Innovation Winners – 2022

The East Midlands Chamber – Business Awards Devtank won the Excellence in Innovation award and Apprentice of the Year (Cameron Browne), and could not be happier! To win these awards is a massive achievement and a great way of giving back to the team after all of their hard work. Innovation The Excellence in Innovation … Read more

OpenUK Hardware Winner – 2021

We recently attended the COP26 Open Technology for Sustainability conference in Glasgow hosted by OpenUK and a number of sponsors. It was a fantastic event showcasing how Open Data, Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware is leading the future for sustainable solutions. OpenUK Sustainability OpenUK Awards, Second Edition 2021 Out of the many highlights … Read more