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Our Test and Measurment Solutions

We manufacture test and measurement solutions such as environmental/energy monitoring IoT devices and production test solutions. Providing businesses with smart solutions since 2014.

The perfect test and measurement solution for everything between lab testing to production line testing. HILTOP will ensure you produce only the best quality products through it's user friendly operation and automated pass and fail test system. With it's hardware and software being Open Source, this enables easier access for customization, making it better suited to your testing requirements.

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I must admit Devtank’s open source approach to product development took me a little while to come to terms with, coming from a world where traditionally everyone one is trying to protect their IP. But now I see how the open source approach not only accelerates the process of R&D but has potentially huge cost saving benefits for their clients. It’s understandable how this open source approach and the teams superb technical knowledge has resulted in such a great period of growth for them

Martin Rigley

Managing Director

BGB Innovation

Expertise should be a given when looking for a supply partner. On that basis, we at BGB take pride in searching for teams that complement their competencies with the right value set. Having met and now worked with Devtank on our first successful project, we are just about to launch our 2nd with them. #trustedpartner #collaboration #solutions

Nick Hubbard

Commercial Director

Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd

We have been working with Devtank for a number of years now, and continue to be impressed by the service we receive from them. They possess a depth of knowledge and experience of test system development that has revolutionised our approach to product and component testing, and are great to work with – they have taken the time to understand our business and what we do, and always work with us to find innovative and effective ways of solving our testing challenges

Ben Kelsey

Chief Operating Officer

LBBC Technologies

Since being introduced to Devtank approximately 18 months ago, the relationship with them has grown from being a supplier to a partner of ours in the development of advanced laboratory-scale autoclaves for materials and corrosion testing. The team at Devtank have delivered a high quality, premium, and efficient solution with high-levels of built-in safety to control our pressure vessels based on the requirements of our product range. We can always count on quality and reliability when working with Devtank and most of all, they have been a pleasure to work with.

Dr Danny Burkle

MEng, MICorr Principal Engineer

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SMDH Project Press Release

Devtank Ltd are delighted to announce a major project with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub. This project will enable businesses nationwide to receive a holistic package of business energy monitoring assets and data insights. Using our innovative sensors will enable the smart collection of data to support decarbonisation steps and reduce operating costs. The sensors... Continue reading

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What is ESD?

You know that feeling when you touch someone or a metal railing and get a little jolt? That's called ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) and it's caused by the static on our bodies. It might seem funny in everyday situations, but it can actually be a big problem when it comes to working with electronics. Do you... Continue reading

Sustainability at Devtank

At Devtank, our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we take proactive steps to make it a reality. Our fully open-source business model empowers our customers to repair our products on their own, resulting in a longer lifespan for our products than those of our competitors. This approach has an undeniable positive impact on the... Continue reading

Partner of Project INSPIRE

October 18th, 2022 Devtank are proud to be one of the four partners within project INSPIRE, a £2.4 million world leading semiconductor plant project led by PragmatIC. The aim of this project is to develop and deploy new digital technologies within PragmatIC’s FlexLogIC semiconductor fabrication facilities. This will drive improved resource efficiency and reduce the... Continue reading