Company Ethics

Company Values

  • We work together to a common set of goals
  • Customers are friends not hostages
  • We believe in collaboration with others for the best results
  • When we are not earning we are learning
  • Open, respectful and honest in everything we do
  • We take pride in the quality of our work
  • We care about sustainable engineering and the environment
  • passionate in everything we do
  • Value creation: We deliver more than just a project
  • We believe in the bazaar not the cathedral

Company Vision

“To be the worlds largest provider of test and measurement solutions, giving full ownership and access without vendor lock-in.”

Purpose Statement

Our purpose statement is to provide people open solutions to closed problems, breaking the make vs buy dilemma.

Company Mission Statement

Providing solutions to our customers so that we can hand over full ownership of the product enabling them to sustain their test and measurement solutions for their lifetime. We endeavour to give our customers freedom for valuable outlay. Your freedom with us will cost you less than your imprisonment with others.