CGF – Complete Test Solution

‘- Anti-slam gas springs
– 100mm deep pan
– Hinged probe plate allowing access to the inside pan
– Robust handle and latch assembly with interlock
– Several gate bars, with fully adjustable press fingers fitted
– All sides and base plates can be removed for customisation
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Tell us about the device under test


The CGF Series uses adjustable push fingers and is design to test low to medium density PCBs, such as those containing conventional and surface mount circuitry.

Typical Examples;
• Repair and Calibration Stations
• Low to Medium volume testing of PCBs – such as power supplies and control boards
• Single or Double-side PCB Probing

This series has a cam-operated gate fitted onto the hinged lid. When the lid is latched closed, the handle will then push down the gate, pressing the PCB into position upon the probe field. This will ensure a true linear downward motion onto the PCB. The cam-operated gate allows limited access to the upper side of the PCB. The optional stripper plat supports the PCB and protects the probe field.

CGF2 / + Stripper Plate – Box Size (W x L x D) mm = 400 x 300 x 100 / Max UUT mm = 250 x 200 / Max Node Count (6oz Probes) = 550
CGF3 / + Stripper Plate – Box Size (W x L x D) mm = 500 x 400 x 100 / Max UUT mm = 350 x 275 / Max Node Count (6oz Probes) = 600