HILTOP Compact (Custom)

This comprehensive flexible platform allows test, measurement and control solutions to be realised using numerous built in multi-channel interfaces such as USB2.0, LVDS, CAN-FD and RS485.

Easily expanded to add new interfaces and capability using the Open-VTI backplane and Eurocard expansion format.

This listing is for a customised HILTOP. Our in-house design team can customise the product to suit your bespoke test or control application. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise you.

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A compact open-source test framework designed from the ground up to deliver maximum value for test and measurement applications with a host of features included as standard. The HILTOP is based on the popular 3U rack and Eurocard chassis enabling easy integration into 19” racks and larger test systems. Quality parts are used throughout providing a design “made to last” for industrial applications.

Our HILTOP CM4 Motherboard and High-Speed Open-VTI backplane provides modular expansion using the Eurocard form factor to provide 3 off 100 x 160mm card slots.

HILTOP motherboard
Raspberry Pi CM4

One of the key applications for the HILTOP is automated testing giving faster and more accurate measurements through hardware and software integration. Key features include:

  • CPU-1.5GHz Broadcom Quad Core ARM Cortex (Raspberry Pi CM4)
  • FPGA- Expansion Slot on the backplane
  • Integrated SATA support and 1TB hard-drive
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Integrated programmable 30V/2A Power supply
  • 7″ high contrast colour touchscreen
  • 3 x USB 2.0 ports and 1 x USB 3.0 port
  • GPIO Expansion slots for additional hardware
  • USB Barcode scanner and camera support
  • High-Speed Open VTI Backplane standard supporting a number of interfaces including LVDS & USB2.0 on every card slot.
  • Standard Eurocard-ready 6HP expansion ports
  • 1x Isolated RS 485/422 interfaces
  • 1x Isolated CAN FD interfaces
  • Auto Script generation from DOORS® or Spreadsheet test
  • Dual control software platform accessed either from the shop floor or remote web interface
  • Data Logging Capability with SQL database integration

The Open VTI backplane standard was created out of necessity to fill a void in the marketplace for a mid-range USB 2.0 capable bus to allow easy adoption by engineers and test departments. The open standard was loosely based on the PXI backplane standard but without the complexity of the PCI bus, including features such as parallel bus between card slots, clock, trigger lines, SPI, I2C, GPIO and USB2.0. The full standard can be downloaded <a href="https://devtank.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Open-VTI_Overview.pdf">here</a>.

Plugin Cards

We enable engineers and designers to quickly add from our range of Open Test Modules (OTM) or design your own based on the Eurocard form factor. Our range of expansion modules is constantly revised as we bring new products to market to solve real world customer problems.

Choose from a range of accessories such as hard luggage case and 19” rack mount brackets.
If your looking for a production test solution, please see our related products including PCB jigs.
At Devtank we specialise in delivering complete turn key solutions so if you have particular requirement please contact us for some friendly advice and a quotation.

Devtank – Test & Measurement made easy!

Additional information


Raspberry Pi CM4


SATA Interface and internal 2.5” 1TB Hard drive


DSI (FFC-15 way) (Touchscreen) and HDMI


CSI Port (FFC-15way)


1 x Internal Fan + Spare fan channel, 2 x Isolated CAN FD channels, 2 x Isolated RS485 Channels, 2x 40 Way main board GPIO Headers for internal expansion, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit LAN, Open VTI Backplane with 3 x 6HP Card slots


2-30V DC Adjustable Power Supply with access via card slots or 2 x 4mm sockets on rear panel, EEPROM for Config Data, Onboard Temp Monitor, RTC

Power Supply

110V-240V AC 200W (Standard), 120W DC 12V


*Data Logging Capability with SQL database integration, *Dual control software platform accessed either from the shop floor or remote web interface, *Software features are bespoke to each application – please contact Devtank with your requirements, *Support for Auto Script generation from DOORS® or Spreadsheet test specifications, 7" high contrast colour touch screen fitted as standard, Touchscreen (DSI) & Camera (CSI) support


63HP: 342.3mm x 250.4mm, Standard 3U x 6HP Card Slot: 30mm x 128.5mm

Design Sources

63HP Backplane Design: https://github.com/devtank-ltd/kicad_hiltop_63hp_backplane, Github: https://github.com/devtank-ltd, Motherboard Design: https://github.com/devtank-ltd/kicad_hiltop_motherboard

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