Test and Measurement

With our HILTOP test and measurement platform and modular card system, we can cover testing and automation for a wide range of applications.

If we don’t have an interface/measurement card for a specific application, we can create a new one.

Test and Measurement Solutions

Typically our solutions are used for testing electronic devices. Sometimes testing devices we have already designed for a customer. However, they are versatile enough for a wide range of applications.

They can be used on a bench to test during development and in test houses or on the production line as part of production testing/pass-off.

Control and Monitoring

Our core HILTOP platform provides an excellent base to provide industrial control and monitoring applications with the flexibility to expand the system if required. This device can be used as a hub for interfacing with wired/wireless sensors, remote control and data acquisition including data communications to existing test equipment and plant machinery.

Applications are numerous but include:

  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Farms
  • Industrial Control
  • Remote Data Logging
  • Long-term test and data-logging.

Devtank are currently working on a technology demonstrator which could be integrated into smart factories. We have teamed up with Derby University who are undertaking research and development of machine learning algorithms as part of an ERDF funded project.

More information will be available after the HILTOP’s public release.

Why open source test equipment?

Here at Devtank we are proud about being Open Source as it gives you the freedom to use our products as you need to, whilst most stop you from making changes/modifications to their equipment. The use of Open Source Hardware and Software makes it easier for businesses to maintain the running of equipment we offer as they just need someone who has the knowledge and skills in Hardware or Software rather than having to stick with the suppliers engineers.