Marketing Champion Anthony

Anthony Hodgson-Yeomans

Marketing Champion


Joining the team in 2022, Anthony was brought on board to build Devtank’s marketing department. He has been responsible for expanding their product range into their own brands, creating social media accounts, websites, and general marketing materials. Being keen to expand his skills and knowledge, Anthony has recently been aiding the team with product design / artwork, software development and design, and most recently business development and sales. After completing his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship through EMA Training, he was given the title of Marketing Champion.

Career History:

Anthony has a huge passion for music, playing and teaching himself the guitar over the last 15 years, has studied music at both GCSE and higher BTEC levels, whilst also performing and writing within a mixture of bands. Having worked within retail, manufacturing, and on production lines within different industries, Anthony has been able to bring this knowledge into his role at Devtank.

His passion for music opened his pathway into marketing which eventually lead him to help set up his dad’s business, Mondo’s Cycle Repairs. Through this he taught himself website development, social media content creation, Google and Social Media Ads, and Google Analytics.

Achievements & Awards:

In 2022, just after joining Devtank, Anthony made the Top 100 list in The Manufacturer Magazine. Alongside his apprenticeship, He also achieved the Google Analytics Certification via the official Google online course. In 2023, Anthony was selected as a Apprentice Of The Year Finalist at the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards.