CTO Joe Burmeister

Joe Burmeister


Co-founder and technical expert. Joe’s broad experience in Linux, applications, embedded and hardware brings enormous benefits to the team. Joe is responsible for the technical delivery of all projects and ensuring the team work to rigorous standards and thoroughly test everything produced. Joe is an expert in source file management and licensing to ensure compliance on customer projects.

Career History:

Joe spent nearly 12 years in the console and PC game industry for companies including Criteon Software (RenderWare) and Eurocom. He worked in a number of areas from graphics and animation engines to art and animation tools, finally file systems and databases. After the game industry he spent a number of years as a embedded GNU/Linux consultant including CodeThink before Devtank. Joe comes from a multiple platform background, partly on older game consoles, but also having grown up on RISC OS (Acorn’s desktop ARM OS), before moving to Windows for work then Linux for fun and finally work. Joe has worked on GNU/Linux since 2012, often on ARM. Having started out bedroom programming, Joe is a strong believer that everyone should have the option of source code and learning how things work

Achievements & Awards:

Joe has a number of "drive by" commits in public projects including the Linux Kernel itself. Joe has also joined round table discussions on the software skills gap at parliament and interviewed on podcasts