Current Day

the Devtank office 2023

– Our labs are in full motion working on current projects and rolling out our OpenSmartMonitor sensors – The team expands further with Graeme Rockley joining as a Senior Design Engineer

2022 – Expanding The Team

– More team expansion sees; Marcus Holder, Erin Delaney, Anthony Hodgson-Yeomans, and Nathan Weetman join the team – Indra V2X project kick off – Launch of and release of the product to the masses under it’s own and new branding OpenSmartMonitor – Anthony and Erin won an award each at the Top100 awards. Anthony … Read more

2021 – Award Winners

– JCB (anode monitor and door slammer), Arralis (Production Tester), OSMv2 starts – Harry Geyer joins the team – Devtank won the Open Hardware award at OpenUK awards with their HILTOP. – Tim Telford was awarded as an ambassador – Devtank shortlisted within the Sustainability category with their OpenSmartMonitor

2019 – Move to Current HQ

– Indra (Production Tester), LBBC (Autoclave controller), Teledyne (One Web Production Tester), OSMv1 with Lindhurst. – The first OSM was built. This version looks very different to what we now know as the OSM, this is because of parts shortages and a massive redesign to solve these shortages. – Joining the team was Cameron Browne … Read more

2016 – Devankt’s First HQ

– Devtank provided JMA Wireless with Devtank’s first production test solution. The fore-runner of the HILTOP. – The first real Devtank building and team came together.

2014 – Devtank Founded

– Company founded by Joe Burmeister and Tim Telford designing and building open source products from Tim’s garage.